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Prāṇa Saṁyama 

For | Level – 1 Practitioners

One of Yoga’s most subtle and yet deeply powerful tools is Prāāyāma. In fact, Śrī T Krishnamacharya highlights the practice of Prāāyāma as one of the highest forms of Tapas, or discipline done to eliminate impurities from all dimensions of the body. Prāāyāma, when properly and systematically practiced, under the guidance on an experienced teacher, can offer diverse physical and mental health benefits.

The practice was led by Śrī V Srinivasan, Senior Yoga Therapist & Faculty of KYM Institute of Yoga Studies.

About Praṇidhāna | Series – 1

Anchored by Śrī S Sridharan, Senior Mentor & Therapist, KYM.

Īśvarapraṇidhāna, total submission to the Supreme Being, as a tool is recommended in three places in the Yogasūtra of Patañjali, the authoritative text on Yoga.

Yogācārya T Krishnamacharya’s  commentary to Yogasūtra called Yogavallī is exhaustive for Īśvarapraṇidhāna. An understanding in the theoretical and practical aspects of Īśvarapraṇidhāna is essential in harnessing the benefit of Yoga to achieve the ultimate intended aim of removal of suffering.

This pre-recorded lecture series aims at looking into the Sūtra-s relating to Īśvarapraṇidhāna and study in-depth the commentary of Yogācārya Śrī  T Krishnamacharya.

About Praṇidhāna | Series – 2

Anchored by Śrī S Sridharan, Senior Mentor & Therapist, KYM.

The Yogasūtra of Patañjali offers nine solutions to deal with impediments in the path of Yoga. The foremost solution to overcome such impediments is Īśvarapraṇidhāna as mentioned in Yogācārya T Krishnamacharya’s  commentary to Yogasūtra titled, Yogavallī.

This second series of Praṇidhāna is aimed at looking at the various Sūtra-s relating to the various impediments in the path of Yoga and how Īśvarapraṇidhāna and other tools can be used to overcome impediments and move towards self-realisation.

This pre-recorded lecture series will also cover insights from the Yogavallī on the different stages of Samādhi.